New Blog: Every day for a year. Day 2. ‘Alive n Kickin’.
Still here, and still feeling remarkably chipper. It has been a long time since I have felt chatty. Really chatty. BUT restraint is the key to my ‘blogathon’. A good productive day on album tracking. I’m not the tortured soul type of musician, I do best when I’m torturing somebody else: 🙂 My friend Rowan Mumford (and I did tell him this is why I don’t have any friends, because EVERYTHING is material) is currently bored out of his brain in the hospital recovering from an operation. I figured being the storyteller that I fancy myself to be, I’d entertain him with a yarn. “Once upon a time, in the hospital you are currently stuck in, there was this ……nurse. Yes, let us say, nurse. The air was thick with the smell of anaesthetic. (Actually it doesn’t smell, or if it does you’re not conscious long enough to notice…BUT details details.) Ominous lights flickered eerily on the sterile wall in front of you as your gaze was drawn to……nope, that’s it. Tapped out!. Sorry, Rowan :p
An abrupt change in direction now to say thank you to people for signing up to the newsletter and buying stuff from my stuff shop. (That offer is still open ‘til Friday -see the previous post). Considering I’ve hardly been a blip on the radar for some years now, it’s very nice to still have people interested. I have had so much time to think about what I want to do. I’m settled on that now, so let’s see what happens next. In the meantime, tonight’s unwind is the Doctor Who special. Yep…..I am 😀
Until tomorrow,
Stevie. x
P.S Dear Santa, I want to be the next Doctor.