MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 4. ‘Drumming tips.’
I can already feel the rolled eyes from my drummer friends. But wait wait, before you lose vision, here’s a thing I discovered. Lawnmower ear muffs and your standard phone earbuds. Now you’re either going ahhhh yes or WTH?
Recording today I found it entirely eliminates instrument bleed on your drum track. It is crystal clear and totally clean of any other noise. No click track (often the worst offender) no noisy guitar, nada! Turns out a day of 43 degrees is perfect for recording drums, as the rest of the neighbourhood has apparently fled for cooler surrounds. Twenty-five mins to warm up, three passes, done. The joys of having a midi kit to write the part on. That’s one of my Kelpies in the pic. When I finished, I asked her, “wuddyareckon?” ….she just casually sauntered off to the kitchen.
Still here, still tickin’. Still feeling good.

Adieu til tomorrow.
Stevie. x