MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 6. ‘Today in the nerd box.’
Guitar tracking day. So how do you record at 120db and not incur the wrath of ya unappreciative neighbour? Put the speaker cab on an iso pad in an iso box! Inside the box 120dB. Outside the box only 80dB. You can easily have a conversation at that level and not a peep is heard outside the house.
Considering the amp used is a Fender hot rod deluxe, notorious for it’s LOUD, it’s a good result. If you are extra nerdy and would like the specs for the iso box just ping me. Only the vocals remain for this track. It’s kinda huge, but I’m having a lot of fun with it.

Today was a good day, hope yours was too.

Until tomorrow,
Stevie. x