MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 15. ‘Choosing happy’

Are ya still with me tree people? My parents are huge Neil Diamond fans, maybe some of you will get that reference. 🙂
A friend remarked to me the other day quite apropos of nothing, that my constant state of happy really got on her nerves. I took this as it was intended, mostly in jest but with a hint of argggg. In the main, I would have to say it is true. Like everyone I certainly have my moments, and a couple of those had me running for the forest of seclusion last year. Once there I dug myself a Hobbit hole (and an extra, more permanent one for my nemesis) to take time to breathe. Thinking on what my friend ribbed me with, I’d have to say it is a conscious choice. A big part of my frivolous posting is the desire to lighten moods, both mine and people who come across me. So now that I am once again feeling buoyed, I shall return to the forest and dig that person out.

Until tomorrow,

Stevie. x