MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 16. ‘The audition’

Of late I have found myself drawn back to my classical guitar days. Dusting off some old Bach scores to have a bit of a play, I came across some ‘tanty teenage text’ I scrawled in temper after my audition for the Victorian College of the Arts. I’d spent a long time preparing for that day, and I wanted it more than oxygen. Entering the auditorium was a daunting experience. It was one of only two occasions I would ever wear a long dress and heels, and the loud clacking of my feet across the shiny floorboards was horribly disconcerting.
It took me a little bit to get comfortable in my unaccustomed attire, but once I got past the fidgets I was ready to rock n roll. 🙂 There’s a critical moment, the first twenty seconds. It really sets your compass for all to come and my first twenty felt great. Calm, relaxed and doing what I’d prepared for. The first piece went without a hitch, and as I waited for the panel to finish making their notes, I thought to myself, “you’ve got this.”
Halfway into the next piece, the aforementioned Bach Lute Suites, I started to peruse than the panel. Putting faces in context. Where I had seen them play, who they were, ya know…… ya do when the most important day of your life is upon you. Too late my brain yelled at me, “hey knucklehead pay attention to us!!!” I went a complete blank and forgot what I was doing. My response was to start singing the notes for the next four, and most excruciating bars of my life. Mercifully my hands found their way back, but the damage was done. By the end of the piece my face had caught fire and I wanted to fall through the floor and off the planet. The awful silence from my panel, slash executioners was enough to bring tears to my eyes. All but one sat like stony-faced gargoyles, the percussionist for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. He cleared his throat, getting my attention from the floor, and asked with a big grin if I would like to play my final piece. To myself, “oh not bloody really, no I would not.” I finished rather aptly with Ravel’s Pavane pour une Infante défunte (Pavane for a Dead Princess). The walk to the door seemed interminable. My hasty, clip-clop clumsy feet a thousand times louder than before. It was fair to say I was shattered. It took me a week to open the letter that came. ‘Dear Miss Paige I have pleasure in informing you…..’ It was the happiest day of my life. And now I’m a blues/soul singer! Go figure 😀 So just remember even if the shark has taken your foot, just keep swimming, and never say never.

Until tomorrow,

Stevie. x