MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 23. ‘Drawing breath.’

Yeah, I could probably talk under wet concrete but I shan’t 🙂
Short n sweet today. I’m trying to find a way to remind you about the news thingy on my web thingy, without using any triggers for the fb algorithm thing. ( I failed MI5 spy school. ) Arggg never mind. My January newsletter is due out in a couple of days. After much debate as to how that was to be approached, I’ve decided to continue in the personal mode, as against handing it off to a third party presenter. There might have been a time when allowing another to represent was a good idea, but it feels to me we live in a different era. Personally, I like it better, it’s just you and me. I have a definite vision and plan, it remains to be seen of course if I can make it work. But….it’s my face and I’m happy to take the falling flat on it if it comes to that. So make sure you head over to my website and sign up for your chance to win some free stuff, including copies of my latest tracks. I won’t put the link up, the fb swat team might land on my doorstep :p
Hope you’re all having a sensational day!

Thanks for listening, until tomorrow,
Stevie x