MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 24. ‘Orcs, trolls and other delightful things .’

In my other life, I am a troll druid named Juboo. Just one of the many avatars I have in an online game called ‘World of Warcraft.’ When you take away all the real-life things that identify a person, you are truly left with just the essence. I have made some wonderful friends from all over the globe in the many years I have delved into this world and I suspect I’ll still be playing long after I put down my guitars. One of my friends and guildmates made a video of a song from my last album. I figured without an explanation of our background together, the artwork might leave you a little perplexed 😀 It was a really cool thing for him to do, and I thought I’d share it. Thanks, Justin Case AKA Darth 🙂

Until tomorrow,
Stevie x