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MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 40. ‘The Zimmer frame train’

I sat in my car this morning trying to determine if I could dash the thirty odd metres in the pouring rain, to the safety of the undercover walkway. Assessing the awkward parcels strewn about my backseat, I thought in true Aussie spirit, “yep, she’ll be right.” My cargo of musical delights that was about to make its way to the far North, needed to go now! Barging forth with all the grace of a giraffe on skates, I was too busy assessing the dampening cardboard to notice the rim of the sidewalk. ‘Paigeovsky’s Foot Cracker Suite Opus 1.’ The rolling of one’s ankle makes the censoring of language in any forum difficult. And censor it, I did not. 🙂 Yelping with pain and severe irritation I toppled forward, surprisingly catching my balance on a cold steel handlebar. I peered over the top of my bundle to spy an unlikely rescuer. This elderly lady, impeccably groomed from head to foot, had parked her zimmer frame between me and my impending fall. Still flustered I spluttered out, “oh my goodness, thank you.” Then, remembering my less than ladylike outburst, cringed a little with “sorry about the language.” She responded heartily, “that’s alright love,” her appearance belying her rougher interior. ” It looked like it f#@#ing hurt.” She smiled at me as I laughed for a moment, then generously assisted me to shelter. What on earth that must have looked like as I hitched a lift on the corner of Ms Zimmer I do not know. My mission finally accomplished, I returned home. But I will be taking Ms Zimmer for coffee next week!

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