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MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 44. ‘The little shapers’

Catching my eye on the first day of high school was the “wanted- lead guitarist for school rock band.” Taking up guitar two years prior in primary school, I felt totally prepared and was super keen to get my mitts on anything music related. Fronting up with my trusty Takamine steel string I plugged it into something resembling an amp. Two minutes later the group of boys I was surrounded by gave me a brutal, ” get lost.” A little crushed, but as yet undeterred I asked why. The bass player responded to me, “do you even know what an electric guitar is?” Somewhat indignant I stamped my foot. “Of course!” (I’d seen bands on tv πŸ™‚ ). The next day, after beseeching my parents, we went shopping for an electric guitar. I didn’t even try it out. This beautiful blue beast sang to me….”pick me, pick me.” There was no way they would reject me now I had this super awesome guitar. Rushing to school the next day, I couldn’t wait for lunchtime so I could join the band. It took less than one minute. ” You still suck, get lost.” Makes me laugh now, but at the time it was quite a crisis of lip quivering. That would be the last time my blue beast saw my face until after I had graduated as a classical guitarist from the VCA. This memory was triggered by someone asking my advice on how to join a band. And truthfully, I don’t know. Apart from the odd dalliance here and there, I’ve never played in someone else’s band. I’ve always been captain of the ship. I think high school scarred me for life, as does it all of us probably:-). The sliding door philosophy sometimes pervades my thinking. The ‘what if’ that had been different. Or perhaps all roads lead to Rome in the end. Deep! I’m having a deep day πŸ™‚ Regular butter-knife deepness shall return tomorrow.

Hope you’re all having a top day!
Until tomorrow,
Stevie. x