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MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 60. ‘Well well, mile high blogger’

Technology has moved along a tad since my last flight. Internet access whilst flying is brilliant. Staring out on the vastness of blue sky, kilometer after kilometer…….after kilometer isn’t exactly great blog fodder 🙂 I was entertained by the gentleman next to me after I unceremoniously clocked him in the noggin’ with my backpack. Add to that the awkwardness of settling into one’s seat and finding his leg instead of my seatbelt and we were off to a flying start…pun pun pun. (On fire today 😛 )
People reveal extraordinary things to strangers really. Well, not me…I am a clam, but many are not. Spinning yarns to me that would make your hair stand up, I was quite glad of the distraction on an otherwise mundane trip.
The bippity call for my next flight to Mt Isa just interrupted my train of thought….. inconsiderate really 🙂 Blog central will continue from the serenity of the Isa.
Some hours later … dot dot dot 🙂 Long flight, and with a brain resembling mush, I am on coma status. A good night’s sleep, then hitting the recording studio tomorrow in Doomadgee. This project has been well prepared for and I’m really looking forward to it.

Thanks for listening!
Until tomorrow!

Stevie. x