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MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 62. ‘Don’t pat anything in the outback’

This is an almost impossible request for me, I feel most at peace surrounded by Furkids. Walking the short distance to the studio this morning I was charged by three wild dogs. Clearly, I must have strayed too close to their territory and they were making sure I knew it. I was never going to outrun them, so I figured I’d give them the usual greeting I give to my own four-legged friends. Getting down lower to the ground and confidently calling out, “who’s a beautiful puppy then, who’s got a beautiful face,” the three of them skidded to a halt just shy of me. I swear they exchanged looks as if to say, “which one of us is she talking about?”
Turning from terrors to fawning furbies in a second, my packed food supplies were quickly surrendered to my new friends. They are only really a danger if they bite, and I have hopefully secured myself safe passage for the next couple of weeks. I could drive the short distance of course, but where’s the fun in that 🙂 Just nearthe supply store there’s this sign. I’m not going to of course!!! Give me some credit! I mean, I’m probably not even going to look at all…maybe 🙂

Thanks for listening!
Until tomorrow!

Stevie. x