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MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 69. ‘Haunted’

Nothing is louder than your own heartbeat when you desperately want it to be quiet. Surely someone would hear and be alerted to my presence. Holding my breath and squinting into the endless darkness, I searched the void for any signs of life. Silence. Urged on by my three companions who waited safely at the perimeter, I slowly inched my way up the driveway, negotiating the thorns that guarded my quarry. The crack and crunch of loose stones became increasingly louder to my ear as I zeroed in on the towering Manchin. The old white weatherboards had seen much better days, groaning and squeaking as if to alert the inhabitants, I frantically gesticulated at it to be quiet but to no avail. The unloved garden and trees loomed over the windows, scratching and clawing like they were trying to get in. The rush of blood through my ears was becoming unbearable, I wanted to flee as fast as I could but the resonating words to my friends, “you cowardly custards” kept my feet nailed to the spot. Glancing back over my shoulder, I could no longer see their faces but I knew they would be waiting in anticipation. Opening the plastic bag, I cringed and braced myself as the rustling seemed hell-bent on exposing me. I was only going to get one shot before the dreaded undead would be in hot pursuit, so I needed to hit my mark. The bright yellow lemon seemed almost luminous in the eerie moonlight and I gripped it tightly as I prepared for death. Launching my projectile with all the might I could summon, the lemon wailed in fright as it splattered against the windowpane, which was slightly left of my target, the wall! Lights on all fronts suddenly flooded the grounds and the front door abruptly lurched open with ferocious intent. In the distance, I heard screams from my would be accomplices, as they clearly took flight. Caught like a rabbit in the headlights I was a little slow to move and soon found a cold hand clasping down upon my shoulder. “You bloody kids, I’m going to absolutely kill you.” Wiggling my way out of the hoodie I was wearing, I unlatched myself from his grip and high tailed it back over the path of stones a lot less circumspect than I had arrived. My pursuers footsteps became less audible as I scurried into the field in search of our rendezvous. Tripping over their bodies I landed with a thud as some objections came in the form of grunts and hushed whispers. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!!……We lay there for some thirty minutes until the coast was clear. With three witnesses to the deed, I was assured of schoolyard glory for at least a week. I was down a hoodie but it was worth every stitch. Of course, in my adult hindsight, I can see my ghoul was just some poor chap trying to have his dinner in peace after a hard day at work. Still, I kinda miss those days of an overactive imagination. Now, where did I put those lemons? 🙂

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