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MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 87. ‘Three dogs and a lamppost’

It was a glorious day and I was feeling inspired to get some exercise and gamma rays. As always, wherever I went my furkids were not far behind me. Strapping on my newly acquired roller skates, I figured it was a great day to learn to use them. The bike path along the beach was practically deserted, giving me plenty of room to be graceless. For those of you who have dogs, you’ll know that in the main, patience is not high on their list of qualities. Of course, it’s not high on mine either or I might have tried this feat without them first. 🙂 Sitting on the park bench, I tentatively moved my feet around in my new ‘footsie’ vehicle. The lack of traction felt a tad disturbing and it occurred to me that this was not such a great idea. Any thoughts I may have had about aborting the mission were suddenly overridden by a violent tug on three leads clipped to my waist………….. and we were off! Arms and legs flailing madly in an attempt to gain balance would have been a sight, and I was thankful not to have an audience. Yelling out to my three buddies, ‘Stop, stop, stop!’ was clearly lost in translation and ‘go, go, go,’ was received loud and clear. Three manic faces with wild eyes and tongues galore, glanced back at me in glee as it became a competition between them to take the front. As we rounded the corner, the path began a decent and at the bottom……people!. Pleading with my three terrors, I yelled their names at the top of my voice, “Indiana, Two Sox, Scout!” (Movie theme dogs much!) The sudden appearance of spectators seemed to rally their resolve for victory and a large lamppost loomed as the checkered flag. Indy made for the left of it, Two Sox and Scout went to the right. With no helmet or padding (other than what came naturally:-)), I made an inglorious and resounding public splat into the terminus. Feeling giddy and nauseated, I stared up into three anxious sets of eyes as they slobbered all over my face. “Oh jeez, are you okay?” Bloody hell, I thought to myself, they can talk!!! Gathering my wits, I focused on where the words were actually coming from, and a smidge disappointedly said, “oh yeah, fine thanks.” I really wasn’t, but it’s extraordinary how okay we can be when faced with public embarrassment. Helped to a seat by the concerned strangers, they sat with me a little while to make sure I was okay. I waited for them to be out of view before beginning the slow, and dethroned feet journey back. Oblivious to almost knocking me out, my three musketeers frolicked back home just as excitedly as they had left. I still have the skates, despite that being their one and only outing. My three beautiful terrors have all since passed on and I still feel keenly their absence, but I wouldn’t have missed a day with them for the world.

Thanks for listening!
Until tomorrow.
Stevie. x