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Day 133 ‘Sugar lips :-)’

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the old square sugar lumps. Passing a market today I saw them in little paper bags for a handful of change. After school, I used to retreat to the back of the farm, sugars in hand, to my pets. Moo the cow and Milkman the pony. (Very big on imaginative names back then 🙂 ) . Settling into the hay shed, I’d begin distribution. One for you, one for you, one for me. 🙂 Milkman always took the sugar with teeth retreated, and gums first. Moo would stick her tongue out as far as she could, wait for me to place the cube, then haul it back in with lightning speed. I never paid much mind to it back then just how careful they were not to bite me. After our sugar hit, we’d run a few laps of the paddock just so I could stop abruptly and have them splay mud and dirt in all directions as they dropped anchor to avoid squashing me. Funny the things we take for granted growing up, and the little oddities that trigger a trip down memory lane. As I held the bag in my hand today, I felt a genuine pang for my fur friends of many years ago. I need a door at the bottom of my garden, just to step through from time to time to visit with some sugar. 🙂

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Stevie. x