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Day 135 ‘Show Time’

A lot of my waffle tends to be focused on the past. Stories that seem bigger to me now than they did as a kid. I guess at some point in the future, my present life will fall into an adventure or two. Certainly, the narration of the past is helping me to appreciate the here and now a great deal more. I’ll be stepping out to do a show tonight, and it’s been a fair old while between drinks but I’m feeling very relaxed about it. I think I owe my time at the Victorian College of the Arts for virtually eliminating every nerve in my body 🙂 . All new material, nothing from the old album. Most of it I have never played in public before. It will also be my first time having to perform with prescription glasses. I was rather hoping my double blurry vision would snap back on its own, but it did not happen that way. Adjusting to bifocals is a bit of a head spin, but well, ya know, I’m sure it will be fineeeeeeeeee :p
If all else fails, I’ll just improvise a blog live on the spot 😀 . If you’re planning on coming tonight…thank you and I look forward to seeing you. If you’re not, change your plans! Don’t make me come get you! Yep…it’s going to be that kind of night.

Until tonight!
Thank you for listening.
Stevie. x