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Day 160 ‘ Danger Will Robinson’

Okay, incoming nerd alert…….You have been warned 🙂
Since purchasing my new Fender Strat, I’ve become aware of something called the ‘treble bleed system.’ For years I’ve always run my electric guitars flat out and used pedals to assist with volume boost during solos. A frustrating thing, given I prefer to control everything with my hands. The best exponent I’ve ever seen of knob dialing/twiddling has to be Geoff Achison, but I’ve always found even the smallest shift of a pot to reduce the volume on my guitar would also result in a top end loss. The Strat has the treble bleed system built into it, which came as a complete surprise to me the ‘no loss of tone’ when I turned down. So the gist is this. As you turn the volume down on your guitar the relationship between resistance and capacitance changes between the pickups and the pot, basically blocking some of the high frequencies to go through. The solution is to add a hi-pass filter to allow some of the treble to “bleed” past the pot. Because Humbuckers and Single Coil pickups typically use different circuits for each. A little research and whaddayaknow! It’s an add on readily available and an incredibly cheap fix. ( If you have a Chris -) ) My six other electrics have been converted, and I look forward to becoming an aficionado of the ‘knobtwiddlier’ kind. It’s a word! Just check out Paigepedia for confirmation 🙂 I never mass tag guitarists, or anyone for that matter. But on this occasion (with some names off the top of my head) I am curious to know the opinions of other gunslingers out there. Here endeth the ‘geek out’ session! Jimi Hocking, Jeff Lang, Lloyd Rob, Kevin Buckingham, David Brimacombe, Fiona Boyes, Greg Dodd, Greg TheBeard Montfroy, Matthew Frederick, Rhiannon Simpson, Shane Pacey, Rob Ellig, Mike Elrington, Robert Little, Robyn Youlten, Phil Manning, Phil Ceberano, Phil Para, Bo Jenkins, Mark Richardson, Dave Keller, Damien Young, Jonno Zilber, Jesse Valach, Jessey Jackson, Sam Teskey, Jimmy Appudurai-chua, Grant McDonough,Doc White, Derek Lark, Michael Pollitt, John Smith, Rob Papp, Simon Kinny-Lewis.
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