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Day 164 ‘ Short Story Tales-Part Two.’ (Part One Previous Blog Post)

The door was so heavy, almost pushing back as Rinty ventured her face through the opening. Slithering light escaped past the curtain gaps and danced with the dust particles created by the door draft. A thick air of ‘old’ greeted her as she stepped into the room. “Oh, for heaven’s sake” came the impatient voice, “come in and sit down.” Rinty dithered, as Bru pushed past her with the confidence of a lion. Pulling up a chair like she owned the place, Bru turned to Rinty. “You heard what he said, for crying out loud hurry up and sit down.” Principal Thornley’s face looked sickly pale in the dimly lit room. Large brown eyes set against a round face, wild eyebrows, dark lips, and white koala tufts of hair upon his head. His business suit seemed heisted from another man’s body. As Rinty visually dressed him in long red robes and matching staff to boot, he disrupted her flow by firmly asking, ” Is there something you want to say young Rinty?” Burning cheeks for the second time in a day, Rinty mumbled into her chest, “no sir.” “Oh, yes, you do!” exclaimed Bru. “Go on tell him. You’re a wizard Harr……Mr. Thornley.” Guffaws of laughter expelled from Bru’s lungs, clearly much amused with herself. Thornley, unperturbed by the outburst, remained focused on Rinty. An unusual name isn’t it? ” Rinty bristled in defence. Without pausing, he continued, “but you’re an unusual person, aren’t you? “No, sir!” Rinty sharply spoke, “I am not anything of the sort.” Quickly checking her abrupt response, she continued more softly, “I’m just average everything, sir.” Cocking his bushy right brow ever so slightly, Thornley assessed the teenager in front of him. Average height and build. Short cropped curly hair, muddy red, with skin that looked like it had never seen the sun. “Indeed,” he said. “That is how you present yourself.” Rinty shifted uncomfortably in her chair. “Am I in trouble, sir?” Thornley pushed back in his chair, clasping his hands in front of him as he leaned upon the leather armrests. “I believe you are, but not with me.” Rinty shot a look at Bru, who had become like stone, not a flinch not a sound. Narrowing her eyes back at Thornley, she said with some disdain, “I’d like to go now.” Quietly making tracks back towards the classroom, Rinty paused as Bru languished behind. The black skies above were sending down large droplets of rain upon angry swirls of wind. “He knows,” came the cold and matter of fact statement from Bru. Rinty’s feet tapped nervously on the ground as she pulled up the jacket hood to cover her face. Darkness sitting wearily on her chest, she shut her eyes tightly against the oncoming storm….. (to be continued)