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Day 167 ‘ Saturday Sounds.’

My second guitar came into my life at the tender age of ten. I was only three months into learning to play when my classmate decided to use my first guitar as a hammer! My then music teacher, (after advising me that my fists were not the best way to seek justice) presented me with his guitar. He’d had it for some years and had always taken great care of it. I’ve forever treasured it and kept it under glass somewhat. Many years later, he came to see me at a show and presented me with pictures of my broken guitar (patched up) hanging above his mantlepiece. He claims a good trade, but I reckon I got the better end of the deal. I’ve had it out recently to do some recording with, and I’m pretty chuffed with the results. It’ll be nice to present him with a CD when completed. For interested guitar buffs, it’s a very decent instrument. Martin D18 copy. (One of the lawsuit guitars Martin V Takamine.) Takamine conceded, and the case never went to court. A little bit of trivia for your Saturday 🙂 (Pardon the puppy photobomber)

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Stevie x