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Day 174′ Saturday Sounds.’ (Guitarist only really. Everyone else will fall off the snooze log……stories to resume shortly 🙂

The cheap SX Strat picked up from Pakenham Music for about $250, (before getting the Fender Strat) has a solid neck and body, although the back of the neck has had a slight going over with 1200 grit sandpaper to take off the shine and give it a satin feel. We’ve also taken off one of the string trees, more in the lines of the way Leo Fender did on his guitars. The single coil pickups with ceramic magnets sound pretty good but have since had a treble bleed circuit installed. The trem system has been blocked off as it is unlikely ever to be used, there’s a Fender for that if ever needed. The tuners were just the crappiest vintage style, with the low E tuners already slipping, and needed assistance to turn on the second string change. These have now been replaced by a set of Gotoh locking vintage tuners, these feel great, and with being locking tuners, string changes are quick, and stability is improved. The internal electronics are ok; however, one of the tone pots did have the thread around the post come free, and it needed to be swapped out.

Still to go, replace the plastic nut with a bone one and update the remaining string tree with one that lessens the friction. Other improvements might be to add a push-pull pot to activate the neck pickup when in positions 1 and 2 and upgrade the cavity and pickguard shielding to reduce a bit more Hum

Here endeth the nerd session!

Thanks for listening.
Until tomorrow!
Stevie x