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Day 180′ Funny Friday’

Sitting in my car, contemplating how long until I could be bothered starting it up and driving off, I observed a woman heavily laden with shopping bags. The underground carpark at the local supermarket is quite vast and emanates a cave type atmosphere under the fluorescent lights. I watched her ping pong from car to car, with that look of irritation oh so familiar.
I guess my gaze was more intense than I’d realised, as I was met eye to eye with a squinting and slightly hostile stare back. Leaving my raised eyebrows behind, she set off again with assured purpose. Now aware of being observed, she at least wanted to look confident. I could see her arms starting to sag with the weight of household supplies, and she was moments away from having a tanty. Pulling up alongside her in my car, I tooted and rolled down my window. Laughing a little, I asked her to get in. I explained that I had been her more times than I care to remember, and my solution was more desirable. It didn’t take much for her to defrost and happily climb in. Within moments the elusive vehicle was located, and she disembarked a lot more cheerily than I found her. Hoomans……we are so very much alike. Doesn’t take all that much for us to get into unnecessary flaps, but equally, not much to soothe ruffled feathers. Never leave home without your feather smoother. 🙂

Until tomorrow!
Thanks for listening.
Stevie x