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Day 208 ‘Saturday Sounds’

I bought a filthy beast! The first time it was suggested to me to consider Hammond on my recordings, I screwed my face up as if I’d stood in something unpleasant. I immediately heard cheesy elevator music — Harry’s humorous Hammond hour. And indeed it is more than capable of that, but treated right, it’s a glorious beast. King of the pigpen and something, once you get it, you can’t live without it! And yes I have the Leslie to go with it 🙂

It should never be treated like a piano. It has its unique traits that take some adjusting to, but we are starting to cooperate. Of all the extra instruments I’ve taken on, this is probably the one that will require the most thought. Mind you, as I trawl through the music of Booker T and the MGs, it’s definitely not about how many notes you play.

Thanks for listening!

Until tomorrow!
Stevie. x