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Day 213 ‘J Bass’

Single coil bass! In a nutshell, that’s the sound I really like. Typically your jazz or j bass. I know there’s plenty of p (precision) bass fanatics out there, and I get it. But to me, there’s always a slight synth overtone there that I’ve never grown accustomed to, be it me or someone else playing bass. I realise a lot of the bass players I’ve worked with use a p bass and about now they’re crossing and rolling their eyes at me 🙂 But the J kinda sings and growls with a bright clarity…especially as a fingerstyle player. Here endeth the slightly random bass waffle….and it could have been worse, it could have been banjos. :p

Thanks for listening!
Until tomorrow.

Dueling Banjos two Banjos about to shoot it out in a Duel.