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Day 2 ‘Batbird and Robinpos..’ 

By day he’s a mild-mannered King Parrot, and by night he’s a stealthy Possum. Okay…little dramatic 🙂 

 A few days ago, this possum came in search of water — the demands issued via some grouching and growling at the back door. In these very thirsty times, their natural caution takes a back seat to more significant needs. He happily accepted a large bowl of water before scampering back off into the night. Every night since, I have been placing a water bowl along with a fruit platter on the fence. As the sun goes down, like clockwork, he appears for his feast. The timeshare arrangement with the parrots seems to be working out just fine :-). I got very close to the king parrot this morning. As the thought crossed my mind to reach out for a pat, he gave me that stink eye stare of ‘nope…nope nope nope.’ So I guess that’s a no then…..for now 🙂 

Until tomorrow!

Thanks for listening

Stevie. x