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Day 3 ‘Standing your ground.’ 

When I was a little kid, I loved the game of golf. I wasn’t half bad at it either. Starting with my Grandfather’s old putter, I’d follow him around the fairways, emulating his every move. Graduating to my own set of clubs, I was consistently in the backyard or on the course. A couple of years into it and I was starting to win a few competitions and pique some interest. The “potential” bomb started floating around, and suddenly I was bombarded with advice and direction. Standing on the 7th hole tee-off, I started to get comfy for the intended shot. ” Drop your shoulder a little, move your left foot back a little, watch the angle of your club, remember to follow through.” Nodding to show my appreciation and stuff down my growing confusion, I swung my wood club and connected with the hapless white ball. It skewed off like a rocket into the arms of a waiting gum tree, who clearly took umbrage at the assault and threw it back at me tenfold. The pain was excruciating, blood ran from my nose, and made an artsy splatter print on my pristine white shirt. I’m sure I would have been a candidate for ‘funny home videos’ if there had been footage. It was safe to say I was no longer enjoying it, but trying to please people around me and live up to their expectations. If I could go back to kid me, I tell em all to please sod off 🙂 

This probably feels a bit random, but it stems from constant lifelong pressure to not make a fuss. Keep your opinions to yourself, or there will be consequences. All around me, people are drawing a line in the sand and standing up for what is right. As I half-heartedly tinker on my piano this morning, I could care less about upsetting some presenter, booker agent or fan who disagrees with me. If you know anything about me at all, you’ll know I am not the angry keyboard warrior. I’ve not been interested in declaring my hand either way, but our poor planet is buckling under the weight of us. Before someone tells me to get off my computer then and do something…..I do, and I am. But I also have a voice, and I will join with the growing chorus of others.

“I am scared to write

Anything that might

Upset my own tribe

I am scared to say

Anything that may

Be taken the wrong way

But f*ck it, baby” -Lyrics Tim Minchin 15 minutes 

Until tomorrow!

Thanks for listening

Stevie. x