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Day 9 ‘My 10 square meters’ 

This idea came to me from Kelly King. <3

 Right now, most of us feel we are trying to hold back a tsunami with a cocktail umbrella. The big picture is incredibly overwhelming and all-consuming and can lead us to do nothing. Since birth, we’ve learned to break up our projects into manageable pieces, and this is no different. 

Just start with your own 10 square meters. Look after the animals and environment in your area no matter what it is. You’ll be doing good stuff, and it feels great. Last night I was a bit slow delivering my resident possum his dinner. As I approached the platform, he sat back on his legs, hand on hip, “you’re late'” he stared at me! Reaching out, he grabbed the banana I gingerly placed on the shelf. Turning his back on me, he began messily digging in. A momentary pause as he turned to look at me over his shoulder, “Yeah, right…thanks, now off you go.” 

Thanks for listening.

Until tomorrow!

Stevie. x