MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 19. ‘Betwixt the sad and philosophical, a smile.’

Laurel and Hardy danced a hearty calamity upon my roof. It seemed to my untrained ear that the gents charged with installing the new cooling system at my home had all the dexterity of elephants threading a sewing needle.
In a loud booming Australian drawl I hear, “oh sh*t, bro!” The accent, mixed with Kiwi idiosyncrasy somewhat incongruous, but they persist.
“What, bro!”
“I missed a point!”
“Ohh for sh*t’s sake bro
“Yeah I know bro, I’m sh*t.”
“Yeah you are bro, you’re sh*
In a loud hushed whisper comes, ” Shhhhh, check your sh*t bro, I think the chick can hear you.”
“Oh shit bro, really?”

I summoned my best Miss Priss and replied through the open window, “yes, I can hear you gentleman.”
A momentary awkward silence, then two faces slid over the roof edge and peered into my office window. The upside down grins and cheeky apologies hard to refuse, not that I was in the least bit offended in the first place. The gift of a smile, and a good job to boot. More days like these 🙂

Until tomorrow,
Stevie x