MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 22. ‘Pup life.’

“There are two types of people. Those that love dogs, and those who are wrong.” (Courtesy of a Facebook pic posted by Betsy Lynn Paisley).

I love getting packages from the postman. It is usually stuff I have ordered from offshore, so by the time it gets delivered, ‘Goldfish syndrome’ is well and truly upon me. As said fish, I eagerly awaited today’s surprise. I’m normally careful to restrain my fearsome beasts before opening the door, but their complete ninja like stillness gave me a false sense of security.
The hapless Posty dithered at my doorway caught between delivery and retreat. One of my beautiful pups was determined to show off her new socks! ” Look at me, look at me, God won’t you look at me..” ( Okay I stole that bit on her behalf from the stage musical, ‘Man of La Mancha.’) He was quite a well-built fellow, and I’m a little ashamed to say it made me smile watching him hastily skip off down the driveway. My Australian champion Red Kelpie. CH.KLA Simply Kindaspecial, or Sharni for short. I would love to take credit for that accomplishment, but she was entrusted to my care after the fact. But, I can take credit for making her stylish. In truth, it is purely medical. Poor pup has a bit of an allergy problem at the moment.
The absolute and unconditional love of our pets, it’s something I wouldn’t trade for anything. I know many of you share that same bond with your furkids too. I would love to see some pics. So feel free to post away!

Thanks for listening, until tomorrow,
Stevie x