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MY BLOG: Every day for a year.
Day 92. ‘Something vexes thee’

I like doing my blog. It’s been a wonderful way to get to know people through their shared stories, which if I haven’t said, I really appreciate it.
One of my main goals has been to bring a little levity to your afternoon coffee. Social media has become such a platform for soapbox rage and venting without filters, I wanted to pour some yellow paint over the black. Despite how it might look, as it often does through the rose coloured lense of cherry-picked presentation, life has its up and downs just as much for me as it does everyone here. Some time ago when deeply distressed by the actions of another, I thought about raging unfiltered and unchecked into the arms of the social media comforter, who’d be only too willing to take my darkness and fling it far and wide to the lounge room of others. Reasoning with what was left of my rational brain, I asked why? Why would I do that? It’s an easy answer really. Validation. To know that you are justified in how you feel is a great motivator to abandon all checks and balances. The trouble is if all etiquette gets blown away, the river of anger drags you, me and everything down with it. So even on bad days, I remember to breathe and speak with consideration. It’s easier to pause than haul words back from the ether. Behind closed doors, of course, this scene from Alan Rickman ( lovely lovely Alan, what a loss to the world he is) is close to my heart 🙂

Thank you for listening!
Until tomorrow.
Stevie. x