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Day 118 ‘FOUND IT!!!!’

How vexing it can be to go on the hunt for something so mundane as a chair. A comfy chair, from which to re-launch my solo career. It has been a Goldilocks search for as long as I can remember and at last, I have found my precious! After a fair bit of soul searching, I’ve decided to let go of the band dream for now. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly awesome players, but bands are a bit like cars. One flat tyre and the whole thing grinds to a stop. By the time I change the deflated and wear it in, another has plopped off 🙂 . It’s no one’s fault, just the way things have rolled. So until I find myself a ‘Wheeless’ car, I’ve decided to go back to where it all started. I’m doing a solo show for the MBAS (Melbourne) on the 14th of May, showcasing new songs from the album I am currently recording. After that I’ll be building to ticketed shows towards the end of the year, then it’s time to finally head off overseas. State of mind is a peculiar thing. Nothing has physically changed, but all the debris has suddenly cleared away. Just a note to those thinking about using the switch that comes with my new chair……..don’t even think about it 🙂

Until tomorrow!
Thank you for listening.
Stevie. x