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Day 153 ‘Love at first twang.’

I have actively avoided Stratocaster guitars my entire electric guitar playing life. Too plinky and stiff for my ears and hands. While a Les Paul is nothing like a classical guitar, it has that same familiar spongey relaxed round tone to it that felt like home. The beauty of having my own recording set up is the freedom to experiment and find precisely the voices I am chasing. After buying a cheap strat last week to give myself a chance to be more open-minded, I found myself instantly drawn to how well it fits with that soul/blues sound I love — I feel it may have been the missing ingredient to my music. The cheap Start showed me the potential, but I could hear fundamental flaws and weaknesses in the instrument when recording. So this morning I went back to my favourite music shop in Cranbourne to peruse their Strats. This little ripper was the first one I tried. It’s the first time I’ve ever picked up a guitar that just got me — no work to be done. No nursing its idiosyncrasies. No right hand working overtime to stop stray low-end frequencies bolting the gate. It virtually played itself. Lovely sweet top end devoid of all ice pick frequencies, warm and evenly spread tone through the midrange and low end, but still has that twang/flang that you’d expect to hear. I can see it will become my go-to guitar for live performances very quickly. It’s almost enough for me to want to put a three-piece band together right now :-). Still……….trying to stick to the plan and not get distracted at this point. How many instruments does a musician need? Just one more apparently.

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