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Day 168 ‘ AMA Sunday session.’

So here’s an idea put to me by a fellow blogger — the AMA Sunday session.
AKA Ask Me Anything 🙂 I’m doing an eye squint as this one, it has merit, but frankly I’m not that interesting. Before anyone feels they need to provide comfort to my self-deprecation, keep in mind, I kind of like it that way:-). But I am interested in a more interactive dynamic than just me having a yak. It doesn’t have to be a question to or about me personally, just something you’d like to throw out into the ether for a general chit chat. So here it is, ask away. This one stays open until next Sunday, but I’ll be partaking in any questions through the week. The best question (determined by likes and interaction) wins a free T-shirt.

Ask me anything………………..but make it a gooden! )

Until tomorrow! Thanks for being here.

Stevie x