Day 206 ‘Mind Monster’

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MY BLOG: Every day for a year.

“And so I’m back from outta space
You just walked in to find me here with that sad look upon my face
You should have changed your stupid locks
you should have made me leave your key
If you’d known for just one second, I’d be back to bother……..theeeeeee”
Yep…still corny but back in the land of the living. 🙂

Remember my virtual table? Day 113. I invited everyone one to sit, and indeed you did. One particular evening, I quietly got up from the table and vamoosed out the bathroom window into the forest. And just like that, I’m back at the table. Thank you very much for your messages and emails during my absence. I apologise for being a little unresponsive. It has been a vexing month. Adi is long gone, but the mess he made on the way out got the better of me for a bit. But enough of him, on a much more exciting note I bought a Hammond SK2, it has a great piano sound to boot. I know most musicians prefer to bounce off others, but I am finding this way of making an album most satisfying. It’s so peaceful and enjoyable. I think you can hear that in the tracks…..time will tell of course, but so far I’m happy with it.

I can’t legitimately say “every day for a year ” now. And being slightly OCD, missing a row of dominos makes me want to rewind the year and start again. Superman did that….remember? But I don’t have the legs for it 🙂

On the upside, I’ve got stories! Thanks for having me at your place and keeping my seat warm at the table.

Until tomorrow!
Stevie. x